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On January 28th, Bill Worthen, our adored friend, respected colleague, and loving family member passed away from cardiac arrest. Bill’s sudden passing ignited a groundswell of love and support, a beautiful reflection of what he gave this world.  

Bill’s magnetic personality and passion brought people together to pursue great things, and continues to do so even after his passing. Bill was larger than life. He was a shining example of how we can pursue any dream and make the impossible possible if we commit to doing so with our whole heart, mind and being.

He lit up every room he walked into. His hearty laugh, devilish smile, and twinkle in his eye made him, and all his quests, irresistible. His vision for a more sustainable built environment and a more humane world compelled us all to rise up and join in.

Bill was a trailblazer, a leader, a thinker, a collaborator and a champion for a better world.

A fund has been established to honor that spirit of togetherness and generosity, while helping to carry on Bill’s legacy of work.  Funds will be used to help Bill’s family cover unexpected expenses during this difficult time, and to support The Urban Fabrick Collaborative, soon to be repositioned as The William J. Worthen Foundation, a non-profit committed to communicating the value of community, sustainability and collaborative design.

Please join us for Bill Worthen's Celebration of Life.  


Selected Tributes:
USGBC Remembers Bill Worthen
“Bill was not only a volunteer critical to the success of Greenbuild, but he was a friend. His passion for the good work of this movement was an inspiration to all." - Kimberly Lewis, USGBC's Senior Vice President, Community Advancement, Conferences and Events.

Stok Remembers Bill Worthen
"As we both aspired to catalyze positive change in the industry, we naturally became 'competitors'. Too often people believe that if there was just a bit less competition, they’d be better off....Billy always viewed our collective, yet competitive efforts as stok did—that of the classical Latin definition of the word compete, meaning to strive together."  - Matt Macko, Founder - stok

Bill Worthen - Lifetime of Brilliance
"Bill also has a knack for taking complex subjects and distilling them down into simple terms that inspire action. So he donned a 'poop' hat to talk about wastewater: blackwater from toilets in particular. He made us chuckle by wearing the hat, then connected the dots for us by explaining that reusing precious water is all about toilets—we need to get comfortable talking about this subject if we’re to solve the problems. We might as well make it fun, too!" - Wes Sullens, USGBC's Director of Codes Technical Development