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Energy and water resource management have historically been treated as separate concerns. However, water is used in the production of nearly every major California energy source as well as in our food system. Likewise, energy is used in multiple ways and at multiple steps in water delivery and treatment systems. According to the California Department of Water Resources, about 12 percent of the state’s total energy use is related to water.

Risks imposed by climate change and interest in resilience have increased awareness of the interdependence of water and energy systems. At the national level, this heightened combined concern has been described in governmental studies and by the Pentagon as a matter of national security.

This half-day symposium will feature speakers and participants from industry, academia, utilities, and government who will jointly explore challenges and the path towards sustainable regions, cities, neighborhoods, and buildings. Topics will include methods for sustainable water use and management, water-use intensity in electrical generation and cooling systems, and case studies in which water and energy have been considered in a holistic manner.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn strategies for aligning conservation goals for water and energy, in order to make informed decisions regarding engineering, design and/or policy.

  2. Participants will gain understanding regarding the water intensity resulting from various electrical power generation methods, and of the energy intensity of various forms of municipal water sources.

  3. Participants will become familiar with methods for jointly estimating water and energy consumption, considering the ‘embodied water’ content of electrical power, based on commercial building case studies.

  4. Participants will gain understanding of sustainable water use and management, and impacts of climate change on water resources in California and beyond.

Continuing Education
This event has been submitted for AIA Continuing Education learning units/HSW.

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