This is the second in a series of programs from PG&E on how owner/design/construction teams can work in a more integrated manner regardless of delivery method. Integrated Design can result buildings that have greater value to an owner, improved durability, better environments for occupants, and use less energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This session focuses on the goal setting process of Integrated Design. The presenters will define and describe the role of the Owner’s Project Requirement (OPR) document and the Basis of Design (BOD) as well as other tools used to set and track project goals. In addition, they will review goals related to Net Zero Energy, Energy Use Intensity (EUI) and other performance based metrics currently in use to assess energy performance. The focus of this session is nonresidential and multi-unit residential buildings.

The class qualifies of AIA CES HSW credit by focusing on project management, planning, design, documentation and construction with the goal of improving the physical and emotional well being of occupants, improving building durability, and benefiting the environment by reducing energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions.


Janika McFeely
Integral Group (formerly Rumsey Engineers)

Prior to joining Integral Group, Janika McFeely already had over ten years of experience in the sustainable building industry. Working as an architect for eight years, Janika collaborated with Integral Group on multiple projects, including the Millikan Laboratory and Andrew Science Hall at Pomona College, the Packard Foundation, and the Exploratorium. During that time she acted as a designer and internal sustainability consultant, working with teams to explore innovative strategies to allow their projects to hit higher sustainability goals, including Zero Net Energy and LEED Platinum. Most recently she worked for the University of California Office of the President on climate action planning and reporting, green building policy and implementation, system-wide stakeholder engagement and training, and sustainability metric tracking and analysis. Janika has certified over 25 LEED projects, worked on over a dozen projects that achieved LEED Platinum certification, and has assisted with the ZNE analysis for over a dozen projects.

Michael Martinez
Integral Group

Mike Martinez is an associate principal at Integral Group where he brings a rich background as an architectural designer, high performance building consultant, and educator. His expertise is in daylighting design and analysis using both physical and computational models, specializing in the digital simulation of light to accurately predict the quantitative and qualitative effects of light and energy in the built environment. At Integral Group, his efforts provide critical context in moving projects away from normative approaches toward innovative solutions, which transfer the costs of expensive mechanical systems into smart, efficient building skins.

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