• Santa Fe Community Convention Center (map)
  • 201 West Marcy Street
  • Santa Fe, NM, 87501
  • United States

The 3rd annual Next Generation Water Summit will be held on June 12-June 14, 2019. The Summit focuses on water conservation and water reuse in the arid Southwest. It brings together builders, designers, architects and water professionals to share best practices and brainstorm new ones through charrettes.

The June 13th keynote address will be given by Radhika Fox, Chief Executive Officer of the US Water Alliance. A national non-profit, the Alliance educates the nation on the value of water, accelerates the adoption of One Water policies and programs, and celebrates innovation in water management. Radhika will discuss how all water (i.e. rainwater, greywater, blackwater) will figure into our future solutions.

A few of the exciting topics that are scheduled include:

  • “Utilization of Marginal Water” by Dr. Bernstein of the Israeli Institute of Soil Water and Environmental Sciences

  • “Emerging Viruses and Bacteria due to Climate” by Dr. Nichols, formerly of the CDC

  • “How Building Codes Save Water” by Hope Medina

  • “Irrigation Water Budgets – A Comparative Review” by Dr. St. Hilaire

Prospective attendees will not want to delay registering for this rare opportunity, as seats are limited.

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