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CarbonPositive’20 International Conference and Expo
Accelerating the transition to carbon positive cities, infrastructure, buildings, and materials.
Presented by:

  • Architecture 2030

  • Architect, The Magazine of the American Institute of Architects

The world will construct a staggering 230 billion square meters (2.5 trillion square feet) of buildings over the next four decades, an area equal to the current worldwide building stock or the equivalent of adding an entire New York City to the planet every 34 days for the next 40 years.

The CarbonPositive’20 Conference and Expo examines the built environment through this new lens, accounting for the invisible aspects of:
• explosive urbanization
• embodied and operational carbon
• infrastructure and construction
• land use and deforestation

The Conference will explore designing cities and buildings that use sustainable resources, generate a surplus of renewable energy, and convert atmospheric carbon into durable materials and products. By presenting leading-edge knowledge and breakthrough technologies, strategies, planning and design tools, and bringing together key policymakers, planners, architects, engineers, product manufacturers, and innovators, we can make carbon positive built environments a reality. CarbonPositive’20 will put you directly in the driver’s seat to accelerate our transition to a carbon positive future.

Join leaders and innovators from around the world at this three-day conference and leave with the passion and capacity to shape the future!

Registration will open soon and announced in an upcoming Architecture 2030 ENews Bulletin


Registration will open soon and will be announced in an upcoming Architecture 2030 ENews Bulletin

Start and stop times are approximated. Check forthcoming conference schedule for conference activities and actual daily start and stop times.