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Action for an Equitable and Healthy Net Zero Carbon Built Environment

Carbon Smart Building is a collective impact initiative to convert the built environment from a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) to a significant part of the solution to climate change. It is made up of a broad-based collaboration of companies, NGOs, and governments across the global building industry. 

The William J. Worthen Foundation is proud to be a partner with Carbon Smart Building Day, a daylong workshop affiliated with the Global Climate Action Summit, taking place in San Francisco, September 12-14. The Global Climate Action Summit will bring leaders and people together from around the world to “Take Ambition to the Next Level.”
Watch Governor Brown's call to the Summit here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ny8NY7Lp5Y

Carbon Smart Building Day will provide concrete steps that governments, corporations, organizations, and individuals can take to transform to a Net Zero Carbon (NZC) built environment.

What's required is a global collective impact initiative and the commitment of many partners accelerating change in many different areas – from carbon analysis in buildings to supply chain evolution; materials development to public policy, and more – until building to reduce impact and store carbon becomes common practice worldwide.


  1. New Buildings – Operations and Embodied Emissions
    All new buildings and developments are NZC by 2030, reflecting an increased use of carbon-storing materials.
  2. Existing Buildings – Operations and Embodied Emissions
    Extend building lifespan to 100+ years and retrofit existing buildings to NZC operations by 2050. 
  3. Health and Equity –  All new building (material production, construction, and use) is healthy, equitable and just.

Join fellow architects, structural engineers, contractors, real estate developers, materials manufacturers and policymakers and others who aspire to reduce the carbon footprint of their projects and propelling the building industry forward as a significant solution to climate change.

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