The William J. Worthen Foundation envisions equitable urban environments deliberately interwoven with Earth’s elegant systems.


Through the power and joy of collaboration, the William J. Worthen Foundation gathers, educates, and inspires practicable action for resilient communities

Value of collaborative design and sustainability practiceS

The rapidly evolving field of green building and climate positive development require holistic, multidisciplinary systems thinking and teams. This is a new way of working and The Foundation is helping to facilitate the change. By sharing our individual knowledge and experiences, we can be an educational tool for clients and funders, helping them to better understand how to get what they want and improve the design process for all involved.

Integrated project delivery

Collaborative design helps connect the dots and bridge many of the professional knowledge gaps that currently exist between today’s business-as-usual design practices and those required to successfully meet or exceed high performance code requirements. Performance-based design helps the AEC community make more informed, cost-effective and sustainable decisions that create more livable, walkable communities.

Monthly Collaborative meetings provide interesting, complex and technical information we all need to know more about, presented in a fun and open format.  Meetings currently take place in San Francisco, San Diego and Missoula, and will soon expand to 5 other cities across the US.

Contact us for more information and to discuss setting up a Collaborative group in your community.