Objective: To focus on the practical design and application of water reuse systems for architects, engineers, and building owners; also, highlight the success of SF’s regulatory process and to address the associated regulatory and permitting challenges in jurisdictions that don’t have a well-defined process or where authority is unclear.

California State Senator Scott Wiener – Opening Keynote
Senator Scott Wiener represents San Francisco, Daly City, Colma, Broadmoor, and portions of South San Francisco in the State Senate. During his time in the Senate, Senator Wiener has advocated for and passed legislation to update California’s water system. This year he authored and the Governor signed SB 966, which expands on-site water recycling by requiring that the State Water Resources Control Board issue comprehensive regulations, including health and safety standards, to help local jurisdictions adopt these technologies.


Water Reuse for Designers

Moderator: Dr Kara Nelson, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, U.C. Berkeley; Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion, College of Engineering

Danny Murtagh, VP Engineering, Boston Properties, San Francisco Region

Brian Pecson, Principal Engineer, Trussell Technologies

Piper Kujac, Director of Project Management, Urban Fabrick Inc.

Water Reuse for Owners

Moderator: Elizabeth Dougherty, Executive Director, Wholly H2O

Amelia Luna, Innovation Project Manager, Sherwood Design Engineers

Robert Dusenbury, Principal, Lotus Water

Joel Stout, Vice President, Thornton Tomasetti

Water Reuse for Regulators and Utilities

Moderator:  Cynthia Clark, Senior Water Director, Sustainable Silicon Valley

Paula Kehoe, Director of Water Resources, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Brian Bernados, Division of Drinking Water, State Water Resources Control Board